Cripton is an innovative and environmental friendly company, manufacturing hybrid solar hot water heating system. Energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, as we are concerned about the environment.

The Hybrid System is aesthetically pleasing, lightweight and it will efficiently and consistently guarantee to offer you a plentiful supply of low cost hot water. The Maxi-tube is 18% larger than standard evacuated tube collectors, and when installed with the Heat Pump, delivers superior performance optimizing the heat energy from the sun. With the Hybrid system, not only do we use the sun’s heat energy, but in addition, for increased performance, we also utilize the heat energy from the warm air around us.

The Hybrid System tank design enables optimization of the vessels overall performance with the utilization of its inbuilt ‘Energy Management System’ (EMS). With a high quality mains pressure water storage tank, longevity of the product is guaranteed, giving you full peace of mind. In addition, exterior aluminium composite panel is extremely weather resistant allowing for installation in harsh climatic conditions.