• heating water with clean and inexhaustive energy from sunshine;
  • help fighting the overheating of our planet by reducing emission of CO2 ;
  • minimize the consumption of fossil fuels;
  • Seido tubes are made of highly stable borosilicate glass and  sealed safely with the thermo compression technology between metal and glass, all energy transferring parts are installed in vacuum glass tube  so that be protected from harmful  influences of the external environment;
  • operation at low irradiation of 160~200w/㎡, even on a cloudy day;
  • achieve a high temperature up to 120℃ due to the high efficiency;
  • maximum operation pressure of 10 bar ;
  • anti-freezing (dry connection between the glass tube and the manifold);




Module type SEIDO1-8 SEIDO1-8AS SEIDO1-16  SEIDO1-16AS
Construction Certificate Heat pipe vacuum tube collector
Angle of inclination 15~90°
Number of collector tubes 8 8 16 16
Absorber area 1.4 1.4 2.8 2.8
Gross area 2.04 m² 2.10m² 4.08 m² 4.15 m²
Length x width x height (mm) 2126 x 960 x 175 2141 x 980 x 187 2126 x1920 x 175 2141×1940 x 187
Weight 50 Kgs   100 Kgs
Pressure drop per module <5 mbar (100L/h) <12 mbar (200L/h)
Fluid content per module 0.48 L 0.96 L
Glass material Borosilicate glass
Glass tube diameter 100 mm
Wall thickness 2.8 mm
Transmittance >0.91
High vacuum, long-term stability <10-5 mbar
Absorber material Aluminium
Selective coating Sputtering aluminium nitride
Absorptance >0.94
Emittance <0.06
Header box material Aluminium Aluminium alloy Aluminium Aluminium alloy
Header box color Brown Silver Brown Silver
Header box diameter 100 mm 130 mm 100 mm 130 mm
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Max. Operating pressure 10 bar
Stagnation temperature, module 190°C
Stagnation temperature, tube 234.8°C
Connection Compression fitting(22mm)
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